CFO / Vice President

SB XLVI we won it all.  I jumped for joy, just me, myself, and I in my living room, alone.  That evening I went to Velvet room in my NFC Champ shirt…representing by my lonesome.

I just knew there had to have been a fan club in Atlanta.  A group of fans that were ride or die.  After searching I found my family.

Fast forward seven years later here we are.  First and foremost, I am so proud of all the hard work put in by everyone expanding our brand; having been a part of NYG4LIFE before it was even NYG4LIFE.  I joined the coaching staff I guess by default.  Through my love of the Giants and travel I was afforded the opportunity to coordinate a trip across the pond for more than 20 fans.  Ever since then I have been stuck like that annoying piece of toilet tissue on the bottom of your shoe and love every bit of it.  I have taken the group to Vegas for the NFL Draft, Tampa for a game and NY to the Landon Collins Celebrity event to name a few and can’t wait to coordinate much more.

I have been a fan from the age I was able to comprehend more than just men running up and down the field to score six points.  Traveling the world, helping people and my dog Bruno are my greatest passion.  Anytime with my NYG4LIFE FAM is a lit time and looking for even more in the upcoming season.