About Us

About Us

Welcome to NYG4LifeATL

NYG4LIFE ATLANTA is a group designed for New York Giants Fans residing in the METRO ATLANTA area who truly LOVE THE NEW YORK GIANTS!!!!!.

NYG4LIFE ATLANTA is more than just a group of New York Giants fans partying and watching the games together, we are a TRUE FAMILY who rides hard for BIG BLUE!!!!. Besides being one big family we are also a group who enjoys fellowship with other New York Giants fan clubs across the country by attending road games as well as we have a true passion for serving the community which is exhibited through our various community service projects throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

Our goal is to build an atmosphere for all New York Giants fans who currently live in Metro Atlanta area, but have a huge void for the culture, energy, and vibe of being back in the Tri-State area. Our NYG4LIFE ATLANTA Headquarters where we have our watch parties is at MONTICELLO’S Marietta, GA.




Schedule & Results

12/09/2021 Denver Broncosvs NY Giants
16/09/2021 NY Giantsvs Washington Redskins
26/09/2021 Atlanta Falconsvs NY Giants
09/01/2022 Washington Redskinsvs NY Giants
02/01/2022 NY Giantsvs Chicago Bears
26/12/2021 NY Giantsvs Philadelphia Eagles
our history

Super Bowl XLII

Super Bowl XLII - New York Giants vs New England Patriots

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