When was the last time you went out to that new trendy night club where the DJ
steps up into the booth and makes everyone rush the dancefloor? And how often do
you find a DJ that keeps a constant vibe of energy throughout the night with a
delivery of mixes that seduces the crowd and keep the dancefloor packed all night…
Every night?

That rarity is DJ Daddy Dre. Sean Andre also known by his stage name
DJ Daddy Dre is a DJ/Producer/Promoter and Event Planner. He is based in
Atlanta GA. but was born and raised in New York City by parents of Jamaican and
Haitian descent.

In the 1980s, DJ Daddy Dre began to attend and help organize school events and
block parties. Then became popular when on a dare he won a series of local DJ
contests, starting his DJ career at the age of 15. After graduating from high school,
he enlisted and served a tour from 1988-1992 with the USMC. Sean Andre aka DJ
Daddy Dre was sighted as a budding talent and recruited by 90.5 WSNC-FM in 1995
while attending college at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. A year
later he was then offered an on-air paying position with 102 Jamz WJMH in
Greensboro, NC. Five years later, in 2000 he then resigned and relocated back to
New York City when he was recruited for a Mixshow/Club Promotions position with
Island/Def Jam Records. From 2002-2005 he also worked with Clear Channel, Katz
Media and Barnstable Broadcasting in National Radio Sales. In 2005 he relocated to
Atlanta Ga. and has performed regularly at the following venues…

Sutra – Shout – Barnacles – Hush – Purple Rain – Harlem Nights – Signature/Vice
Lounge – Couture/Fins – 595 North – Jays Place II and many more. DJ Daddy Dre’s
undoubted talent and dedication to his craft is exactly why club owners, promoters,
recording artists and record labels usually consultant him when organizing concerts
and tours. Over the years he has been awarded by Island/Def Jam, La Face and
Elektra Records for his outstanding promotional work. His professionalism,
showmanship and impeccable style of mixing makes him one of the most sought
after DJ’s on the east coast. Most of what sets DJ Daddy Dre apart from most DJ’s is
his natural ear for music and his versatility with many genres of music. While he
prides himself with the wisdom that comes from experience, DJ Daddy Dre has the
humility that will allow him to grow as an artist and entrepreneur plus as an even
better DJ/Producer within a music industry that’s rapidly changing due to technology.